How to use SKOTTI with wood

How to use SKOTTI with wood

At SKOTTI, we have invented the world's first portable grill, that can use gas, wood and charoal, giving you complete fuel freedom! The cool thing is: you are not depending on one fuel only! If you like to collect some wood and grill on your portable fire pit, here's how you do it: 

The transformation begins while you setup your SKOTTI Grill. Make sure you leave out the gas pipe and radiation plate when you setup your SKOTTI Grill. Leave them in your backpack so that you don't lose them. 

Complete your setup of the SKOTTI Grill, but stop before you place the grill grate on the grill. Now, put some sand or dirt into the bottom of the grease pan. This will prevent the grease pan from bending. You can now place your charoal in the grill and light them. Put on the grill grate and you're ready to use your SKOTTI charcoal grill!

Pro tip: Try the SKOTTI Cap for even more flavor! 

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