How to clean SKOTTI Grill

How to clean SKOTTI Grill

Barbecue season is here, and it's time to clean your gas grill. For camping enthusiasts, having a portable gas grill like SKOTTI is essential. Many grill experts prefer not to use water on their SKOTTI gas grill, valuing the unique patina it develops over time.

To ensure clean and hygienic grilling, SKOTTI offers a special cleaning process called pyrolysis, similar to what's used in home ovens. This method burns away dirt and grease at high temperatures, leaving your grill spotless.

Here are some tips to keep your gas grill, camping grill, or portable gas grill in top condition:

1. Dishwasher Cleaning: SKOTTI's high-quality stainless steel construction allows for easy cleaning in the dishwasher after soaking the grate in soapy water.

2. Baking Powder Method: Use baking powder to scrub away dirt and grease on the grate before putting it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean.

3. Steel Wool Technique: Alternatively, use a mixture of baking soda and water to spray and clean the grill, letting it soak before scrubbing with steel wool.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar Mixture: Combine apple cider vinegar with sugar to remove food residues and fats effectively. Apply the mixture to the grill while it's still warm and scrub away after an hour.

5. Coffee Grounds Scrub: Rub coffee grounds onto the grill grate to remove dirt and grease, providing a natural abrasive without harsh chemicals.

6. Onion Method: For a more adventurous approach, use a raw onion on a fork to scrub the grill while it's still hot.

When it comes to cleaning, opt for household remedies over chemical cleaners to maintain the longevity of your grill. Products like Ballistol or Prowin oven cleaner are safe for use and ensure your grill stays in top shape.

For those who love grilling on the go, SKOTTI offers a range of accessories, including a portable gas grill with a cap to protect against outdoor elements like sand and wind. Whether you're grilling at home or camping in the great outdoors, SKOTTI has you covered.

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